haispirit (haispirit) wrote in pro_adult_ana,

"help me lose weight"

so when I get emails and messages of people saying i'm x weight and I want to be x weight and I want a buddy etc. i'm sitting here thinking.... why do you need someone else to hold you accountable? get some self control. "ana buddies" started out as not wanting to be alone/competition buddies. yeah cheerleading was there, but mostly you worked on your self and used your buddy's results to motivate you to run that extra mile. and also be there for each other during tough times. there is so much of a difference with how ana stuff used to be like in 2002-4 and how it is after it got blew out and became a fad and banned and all kinds of stuff. I really think the majority of the public got it wrong. sigh. whatevs. don't message me wanting to lose weight. i'm not a weight loss fairy. just stop eating. people say it doesn't work, trust me, it works. or if you don't want to stop eating, then exercise. more than you want to. until you pass out. three hours a day at least. and no more than 1000 calories a day. make that 900. and vary calorie days down to 200 or 300 and back up. make up some awesome reason why you are only allowed to have 500 calories on a Wednesday. etc etc.
i mean really, why don't people do this all the time?????
oh wait..... they can't....
they don't have the will power.
okay, quit messaging me.
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